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JEMS Telehealth goes where others can't...

JEMS Telehealth is a medical device manufacturer of HIPAA compliant portable (hardware / software) telehealth solutions for patient consults on mobile devices.

Big-brand solutions require building an expensive / extensive infrastructure. And though their system may be an appropriate solution for scheduled telehealth visits, it is not a solution in an emergency, or when mobility is critical.

"Consult. Anytime. Anywhere." - while complying with patient privacy laws.
JEMS Telehealth in a First Responder vehicle

"Can't we just use Skype?*"

It's seems so simple. You have internet, you have video, what more do you need?

For starters - medical grade HIPAA compliant encryption security.

Telehealth solutions often lack security, followed by immediacy, reliability, quality, signal-reach, and the ability to be fully portable (meaning, the software may work on some but not all networks or WiFi - or may be limited to a laptop).

JEMS Telehealth: a "medical grade" Skype

JEMS Telehealth is a turnkey HIPAA compliant mobile solution. There are no complicated manuals to read and, it's up and running in minutes (not weeks or months).

Easy. Fast. Reliable. HIPAA compliant.

And affordable.

Because it's 'data agnostic,' JEMS Telehealth doesn't require building an infrastructure to support it - making it significantly more affordable to organizations, and accessible in any location.

With 'data agnostic' technology, JEMS Telehealth provides extended-range mobility. This means being able to get a signal in remote areas where other technologies simply can't reach - making it ideal for first responders, medical transport, corrections, tribal lands and rural communities.

JEMS Telehealth quickly connects patients to clinicians via secure, real-time mobile live-streaming video, available everywhere - including over 3G, 4G and "coffee shop" Wi-Fi (all networks, all devices).

It is also a 'direct' immediate connect technology, which translates to 'fast.'

Others are comparable to a conference call system, requiring a pre-scheduled and coordinated 'appointment' to connect.

In an emergency, there isn't time to schedule a coordinated conference call. With JEMS Telehealth, you have immediate live-streaming direct connect video - that is fully mobile.

JEMS Telehealth Devices:

Mobile Cart
(hospitals, clinics, etc.)

Portable Rugged
(first responders, EMS, rural, remote, home-health, etc)

mHealth App
(receive live HIPAA compliant video on your cell phone or tablet, any time, anywhere)