How JEMS™ Works

Step 1:
The attending practitioner places a phone call to the remote specialist and notifies them that they are needed for a JEMS Consult™. The attendant chooses one of the 4 possible feeds and the specialist from simple menus on the JEMS system and clicks "Start Feed".

Step 2:

The remote specialist presses the JEMS icon on their smart device. The specialist then enters their password and presses "Login" on their mobile JEMS application.


The remote specialist is now viewing a live JEMS Consult on their smart device. A smart phone's concurrent voice capability allows the specialist to talk to the practitioner while viewing real-time live secure video.

JEMS installation options

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JEMS login screen

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JEMS applications screen shot

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How It Works

• Install "plug and play" secure video
    sending system
• Download free application online
    from Apple iTunes or Google Play
• Login and launch a JEMS Consult™


• Clinical - Enchanced patient care
• Financial - Healthcare providers
    are reimbursed
• Ease of Use - Simple to integrate
    and operate


• Works on all networks (3g, 4g, wi-fi)
• Works on all cellular carriers
    (ATT, Verizon, Sprint, etc.)
• Works on Android and Apple IOS devices
    (Andriod, Tablet, iPad, iPhone)