JEMS™ Products

<--- J-500MOBILE

JEMS™ turn-key mobile solution integrates easily into current existing processes and IT infrastructures in health care facilities.

J-500RUGGED --->

JEMS™ fully portable and ruggedized turn-key solution may be used anytime or anywhere. Examples include first responder situations, consults needed from convalescing patient locations, and any other applications requiring extreme mobility.


How It Works

• Install "plug and play" JEMS™
    server system
• Download free application online
    from Apple iTunes or Google Play
• Login and launch a JEMS Consult™


• Clinical - Enchanced patient care
• Financial - All healthcare providers
    are reimbursed
• Ease of Use - Simple to integrate
    and operate


• Works on all networks (3g, 4g, wi-fi)
• Works on all cellular carriers
    (ATT, Verizon, Sprint, etc.)
• Works on Android and Apple IOS devices
    (Android, Tablet, iPad, iPhone)